My name is also Liz. I’m a visual artist / person living in Brooklyn.

I make drawings, etchings, and paintings, and I’m avid keeper of sketchbooks and other journals, filled indiscriminately with drawings, notes, diagrams, ideas, writing, and bits collected, found, or made.

I’m a member of and make work in the studios at Manhattan Graphics Center. I’m also a member of the Society of American Graphic Artists, and the Print Club of New York, which featured my work in 2021. I show and sell my prints online, as well as in in juried and non-juried exhibits, including two at the Gallery at the Met in 2022.

All this to say: a majority of my art comprises works on paper— ergo: the Flat Files.

Why am I on Substack?

Because writing is also a pond that I swim in. I kept a blog for years, but my habit of writing regularly took a hit when I began working a full-time office gig as a creative director. It has inevitably allowed less free time than my freelance career as a designer / illustrator. Writing, in tandem with my visual pursuits, served as a way to mentally work through things, a conduit for telling stories, a compass to find my true north, a lens to enlarge small magic; and of course— a way to connect with others (like you).

So I joined Substack to pick up the thread that’s strung with words again— and I hope you’ll join me.

Read a few of my entries here, or take a look at my work on my website or on Instagram— if it interests you, by all means avail yourself of the button below to subscribe for free.

What You’ll Get

• Things that go through my mind related to art, reading, travel, &c.

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• Notes on my processes and studio practice

• News on upcoming exhibits

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Artist and Creative Director in Brooklyn NY. I make moody, atmospheric art with ink and paper: drawings, paintings, printmaking. (she/her)