What is this about?

I’m a printmaker in Brooklyn. I make work in the studios at Manhattan Graphics Center. I’m also a member of the Society of American Graphic Artists, and was a featured artist by the Print Club of New York in 2021. I exhibit and sell my prints online, and in juried and non-juried shows, including in the Gallery at the Met in 2022.

I also make drawings and paintings, and I’m avid keeper of sketchbooks— filled indiscriminately with drawings, notes, diagrams, ideas, writing, and bits collected or found.

All this to say, the majority of my art comprises works on paper— ergo: the Flat Files.

I kept a blog for years, but my habit of writing regularly collapsed a few years back, and I’ve found that I miss it. Join me as I pick up the thread of writing— as an integral part of my art process, and more importantly, as a way to connect with other artists and art-lovers.

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I’ll also share bits n’ bobs about my process, including things I’ve learned over the years about materials and techniques, from sketchbook work to printmaking, drawing, and painting. I may also digress into tales from my travels.

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E Daggar Art

Artist and Creative Director in Brooklyn NY. I make moody, atmospheric art with ink and paper: drawings, paintings, printmaking. (she/her)